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My sensual and positive way/nature will let you escape quickly from your everyday life and make our date a unique one.

I am a connoisseur and appreciate every single moment. Let's break out of everyday life and create our shared secret.

With me you have an elegant, natural and pretty lady at your side for the special moments in life that will stick in our memories for a long time...

end 20s
1,67m / 5'6
70D / 32D (natural)


Munich, Bavaria




Senior Assistenz


German (mother tongue), English (fluent)


Japanese and French cuisine


Champagne, wine, tea


Miss Dior, Marc Jacobs Daisy


Hydrangeas and Roses

Amelies Interview

What attracted you to escorting? What is it about it that you particularly like?

I flirt with pleasure and love the charm of first dates but also the familiarity with a reunion. I like to make a man my focus and quickly discover similarities. Despite my fresh, sweet and playful nature, I love to awaken the passion and to seduce you or to be seduced...:)

Your favourable activity/hobby?

I attach great importance to a healthy lifestyle and therefore enjoy doing sports. I am also a "thinker" and interested in philosophy. Travelling also plays an important role for me. I like to travel and travel a lot :)

Gentlemen that you like:

I'm very attracted to middle-aged gentlemen. I like to be inspired by experienced stories. Humor, intelligence and respect are my top priorities.

Your preferred clothing style?

Elegant, classy and stylish. Of course I also accept special wishes but I feel comfortable in high quality and stylish dresses, which are adapted to the occasion. On journeys or in the summer I also like to wear a summer dress or sporty looks.

Do you have a favourite quotation?

I wish I could stay in this moment forever. But then it wouldn't be a moment. - Maxine Caulfield

Do you enjoy travelling?

I would be very happy to accompany you on a short trip or on a relaxing holiday together. I love a warm climate and the sun but I also regularly explore beautiful cities in short trips. I would love to see more of Greece and Italy soon. Or you can make my autumn/winter holiday tasty ;).

What gifts make you smile?

Of course I am happy about any immaterial attentions from my date. Small things could be e.g. wellness treatments, of course also with pleasure together... :)

Amelies Rates


2 hours  900,00 €
3 hours   1.100,00 €
4 hours   1.300,00 €
5 hours   1.450,00 €
6 hours   1.600,00 €
up to 12 hours Overnight   2.100,00 €
up to 15 Hours Overnight  2.250,00 €
up to 18 Hours Overnight  2.400,00 €
1 day / up to 24 hours  2.800,00 €
2 days / up to 48 hours  4.500,00 €
Every additional Day  1.400,00 €
7 days  on request


Munich  none
Munich Airport 60,00 €
Ingolstadt 60,00 €
Innsbruck 100,00 €
Kitzbühel  90,00 €
Salzburg  80,00 €
Nuremberg 120,00 €
more cities/countries ICE or flight ticket + taxi
  • short dates a drink (bar or room) to get to know each other
  • for longer dates a lunch or dinner
  • Overnights Dinner/Breakfast

Duo Date: Duo Date: every lady gets her fee. Paardates: Fee from me + 50%.

I work independently/have chosen my fee myself.
A gentleman does not discuss/negotiate with me about my attention/fees.

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