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An Interview with Passion Luxus Escort Jana

An Interview with Passion Luxus Escort Jana

What attracted you to escorting? What is it about it that you particularly like?

I would say I am a cross-between sexiness, cuteness and mythical secret. I would describe myself as a real, multifaceted woman with an interesting personality. Whether you want to have a laugh or enjoy a glass of wine combined with an in-depth discussion, I am a great companion. So let yourself go and enjoy our time together, we'll ravage the hotel rooms. I am approachable and genuine, uncomplicated and fun-loving. In public, I will behave in a ladylike way. In our private time we will connect without too many words spoken (okay, maybe some dirty words;-) ) and I will read your wishes in your eyes and act upon them. It will never be boring with me, but I can be the tamed cat in your arms stroking you tenderly and lovingly purr into your ears:-))))))))))))))) I look forward to your inquiry.

What’s your occupation and what do you like to do the most in your job?

I am a photo model for big advertisers. And I am also working as a hostess at big events, most of the time my task is to spoil the celebrities with culinary delights. That's fun, but I have to be good as gold, therefore I hide my tendencies - I am able to realise them as an escort. Additionally I studied fine arts and acting. I have a lasting interest in doing sports, take care of my body and exercise in the open air.

Talking about thrilling moments, erotic atmosphere....what comes first into your mind?

As an escort, I betake myself into the uncertainty and into erotic adventures. This is very exciting, as I like challenging and unfamiliar situations; and I am happy to be the eye-catcher and like to have all eyes on me. I enjoy to get undressed with the man's eyes. Eroticism & sex always took my interest and I don't want to be a person who just functions, I rather want to forget time, day and location without the rigorous daily routine. As an escort I am able to realise my true-self.

What turns you on?

I would not like to check-off a service list. Escort is enjoyment, excitement, adventure and should be fun. But you can be assured: I'm very open-minded in the erotic ;). I love the escape from everyday life....Seduction and be seduced.

Looking into the mirror; the feminine assets you like the most?

I especially love my bottom, but I also like my beautiful mouth as well as my cat's eyes.

Your perfect summer's day?

Spontaneously having breakfast outdoors, crawling into your laps and having some wild sex in the morning. Afterwards exploring the surrounding area (if we are on a journey) kisses, eroticism, maybe outdoors.......

Your perfect autumnal day?

To enjoy a glass of (red) wine and some finger food; we cuddle with each other, feed each other and rock the bedroom;-) Later we could visit an event (theatre) or simply take a stroll, enjoying the colourful autumnal leaves.

...and your perfect winter's day?

...a chalet, a fireplace, a blanket and then the two of us as naked as a baby, automatically we think of many things that we could do. A coach ride through the snow would also be nice, since no one will notice what is actually going on under the blanket what is happening under the blanket ;)

Do you enjoy travelling? Tell us a bit about the most interesting places you have visited and what places would you like to visit in the future?

Like most women, I enjoy to travel around the world. My preferred destinations include the USA (Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York....), Asia and Europe. Germany has also some interesting locations and hotels. However, I wouldn't regard myself as a beach bunny, lying on the beach all day long. I feel that in this case I would be able to give you repeatedly some sort of distraction  

What gifts make you smile, be it a material present or something that carries sentimental value?

It makes me smile, when, right from the start of our date, you get the feeling to let yourself go and you will experience a wonderful time with me. Regarding material gifts, I would be delighted to get some flowers. Of course I am also fond of bracelets or a pleasant fragrance, but we could search for this together. But all of this is not a necessity.

One day off - your favourable activity?

I prefer to go outside into natural surroundings to go horse-riding. sleep long, enjoy a breakfast, eventually I will go shopping and in the evening I will meet some friends of mine, spend time with them, cook together or visit a restaurant, maybe we decide to go dancing afterwards. A different draft would be to dedicate this whole day just for my well being, relaxing, doing yoga and wellness and other activities that are able to cheer my heart.

Sports you enjoy?

I love horse-riding. And I like to do yoga & fitness.

Stranded on a lonely island - the things you wrap up?

An airbed, my horse and you!

Music you enjoy?

It is hard to describe this in a few words, since there is such a wide range of different categories to be mentioned here. My personal play list is also mood-dependend. During the autumnal & winter months I am fine with smoother sounds, otherwise I would say I prefer the louder kind of music. Pop, electro, rock and classical sounds.

Your preferred clothing style?

High heels, tight & sexy dress, hold-ups - precious, sexy lingerie. Or white blouse, pencil skirt and pumps. Yet sometimes there is nothing like tight jeans combined with high heels or boots.

Do you have a favourite quotation?

The pressure discharges after the goal-kick. Similar to sex! Juergen Klinsmann

Your favourite novels?

Tough question, as there are too many. Crime and Punishment, Perfume, among others.

Your favourite Movies?

Breakfast at Tiffany's

Ben Hur, the unabridged version, of course...:-) Ok, this was a joke, as I rarely watch TV. But I like Horror movies, because it allows me to huddle against a strong guardian.

Finally, what do you want to tell about yourself to a Gentleman who is interested in meeting you?

During sex I am a wildcat. You might be able to tame me, but you will be hardly able to restrain me all the time in between I am looking forward to sharing many wonderful moments with you.

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