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Escort Cologne, Bonn - An Interview with Amber

Escort Cologne, Bonn - An Interview with Amber

An Interview with Passion Luxus Escort Amber:

What attracted you to escorting? What is it about it that you particularly like?

I read an article in a magazine about escort; this report sounded enticing and aroused my curiosity. Exciting, secretive encounters have a certain appeal to me. I love to walk down the hotel floor, wrapped up in sexy lingerie, a tight dress and my high heels, while being unaware about who am I going to meet and what exactly am I going to experience?

What’s your occupation and what do you like to do the most in your job?

I am studying fashion design. Particularly enjoyable is the fact that my creativity is given free rein.

Talking about thrilling moments, erotic atmosphere....what comes first into your mind?

Eroticism is one aspect of my life I would not be able to relinquish. To gain totally new experiences is always very thrilling. It is like crackling tension in the air. Devoting oneself entirely to one's desires and simply enjoying, this is something you cannot schedule; suddenly it's just there and then is happens.

Your sexual preferences?

I would not like to check-off a service list. Escort is enjoyment, excitement, adventure and should be fun. But you can be assured: I'm very open-minded in the erotic ;). I love the escape from everyday life....Seduction and be seduced.

Looking into the mirror; the feminine assets you like the most?

I am really comfortable with my outward appearance and have a positive body image. And as I got a lot of compliments on my backside, my bottom is what I love most.

Your perfect summer's day?

Waking up surrounded by a beautiful landscape, then taking a nice easy walk along a promenade, enjoying the atmosphere and eating ice cream. In the evening having a candle-light diner in a trendy restaurant - preferably one with an external open terrace. And this of course followed by lots of eroticism, gladly in the nature or in a partitioned wellness-area in the hotel.

Your perfect autumnal day?

Talking a walk through nature I would say. If the weather is quite bad, I would alternate this by visiting a thermal bath or spa, enjoying wellness or massage there followed by sensual, delicate contacts in the bathtub followed by some fun in the bedroom.....

...and your perfect winter's day?

Well, there has to be a leisurely stroll over one of the traditional German Christmas markets drinking mulled wine. Afterwards we could spend the rest of the day in a romantic hotel where we could cosy up in front of a fireplace or just stay in bed.

Do you enjoy travelling? Tell us a bit about the most interesting places you have visited and what places would you like to visit in the future?

Travelling is clearly one of my favourite pastimes. More than once I visited Lake Garda in Italy. I just love Italian food, the atmosphere and this delightful view over the lake at night. A wish come true would be a tour round California, someday I have to satisfy this wish. Thailand and Japan are also very appealing to me.

What gifts make you smile, be it a material present or something that carries sentimental value?

Fundamentally speaking I am happy to receive a small gift from the Gentleman, be it a bunch of flowers or presents like beauty care or jewellery or a diner combined with inspiring conversations & physical assiduities . But I have to say a gift is really unnecessary as a great joint evening is a wonderful experience in itself. If the Gentleman is happy to give a present then of course I am pleased, too.

One day off - your favourable activity?

If the weather is fine, I'll go jogging. Afterwards I enjoy my breakfast without ruffle or excitement. Then I will take a city stroll with a woman friend of mine. And in the evening getting ready to enjoy the later hours with a nice Gentleman (hopefully).

Sports you enjoy?

Jogging outdoors on a regular basis is very satisfying to me because it clears my mind. But Tai Chi and Yoga are giving me a great time, too. I would like to learn skiing. The last time I did that was when I was a little girl, so for sure I "unlearned" it.

Stranded on a lonely island - the things you wrap up?

A thrilling book, my bikini and in case you are not already there to wait for my arrival, I would choose you to accompany me

Music you enjoy?

Music is an important part of my life. I cannot live without it anymore. I enjoy smooth electro music.

Your preferred clothing style?

Variation is important to me. I am comfortable wearing jeans (the ones that emphasise my bottom) combined with a tight T-shirt or a feminine blouse. But there are no objections against slipping into a figure-accentuating dress and some high-heels.

Do you have a favourite quotation?

I don't mind living in a man's world as long as I can be a woman in it. Marilyn Monroe

Your favourite novels?

F. Scott Fitzgerald: The Great Gatsby

Stephen King: Gerald's Game

Bernhard Schlink: The Reader

Your favourite Movies?

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Gone with the Wind

The Great Gatsby

Finally, what do you want to tell about yourself to a Gentleman who is interested in meeting you?

I am a girl full of zest for life and for sure you will be able to hit it off with me, not only in a horizontal sense of meaning. As early as now I am looking forward to meet you Lots of love, Amber

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