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Escorts as a companionship for your holidays?


Escorts as a companionship for your holidays? Your travel companion – one of our Passion Luxus Escort-Ladies :)

Why to travel with an escort or: Why to book a travel companion?

Does the following sound familiar? You are a Single and your holiday preparation is already underway. But to be alone on the beach or in a restaurant is no fun at all. Maybe one is in a relationship, but one that already ran out of steam and now one is longing for a break from everyday life. Or one is in a position of responsibility, living a rushed and busy lifestyle and now longing for a little break. There are a number of good reasons why it's worth to book an escort as your holiday companion.

Walter Bergengruen once said:

We are not just travelling to other locations, but first and foremost to another mental state.

A change of scenery will do you good. To have a funny, open-minded person with you who is able to divert your attention and will also arouse your (erotic) senses. Wandering through narrow streets in a Mediterranean town together or sitting in a bar at the beach and enjoying the envy of others around, who would love to have a pretty companion such as yours. No allegations, arguments, stress...

Of maybe a short trip with a companion of your choice to one of Europe's major cities. London, Barcelona, Vienna, Amsterdam.....wherever you want to travel to, accompanied by an escort you will have way more fun.

Isn't it just wonderful to go for a walk next to a bluish green-sea? To enjoy a glass of wine together and watch the sunset? To explore the historic centre of the city together and then, later on, let the evening come to an end with an “erotic firework”?

The escort-ladies of Passion Luxus Escort are glad to accompany you. Whether it's a city break in Germany, a short trip to Barcelona, delightful days in Portugal, a ski event in the Alps or a longer vacation travel on a cruise ship, the Ladies of Passion Luxus Escort are receptive to cultural things, fun & enjoyment and would love to accompany you as cheerful, open-minded and erotic travel companions to your favourite destination!

I will gladly help you to choose your companion. If you just tell me how you envisage your trip, what's important to you, what characteristics you don't like, then I'll be able to recommend you a fitting escort. In order to make sure that everything goes smoothly, it is advisable to meet the escort of your choice beforehand. A dinner date for instance or maybe a date with private time, if you want it, just to see if the so-called chemistry is perfect between you and your companion.

Of course I'll gladly help you with travelling tips, restaurant tips and so on. It would be helpful to know about these things: Destination of your journey? Time range of your journey? Your preferred activities? For example are you culturally interested, would you like to explore the surrounding area with a hired car, or do you prefer to relax and plan a wellness holiday? How do you envisage your perfect companion? Would you like to have a natural & cheerful person around you or do you prefer a passionate femme fatale? Just tell me about your expectations.

Of course it's possible to book a flight or to organise the whole journey on behalf of you and the escort. More about this via e-mail. You can count on me to be in good hands when it comes to organising journeys or short trips, because it is very pleasing to me.

Please consider that the Ladies of Passion Luxus Escort would like to have your request as early as possible, because they are studying or have a normal job – escort is just an adventure.

So if you give us some lead time ahead of your departure, a delightful journey could soon be in the making!

The Ladies and I are looking forward to your inquiry.








Kind regards, Alina

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