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What attracted you to escorting? What is it that you particularly like? I love the tension beforehand. Who is it I am going to meet, what will we do together No...
What attracted you to escorting? What is it that you particularly like? Escort is my chance to slip into a different role (no play-acting!), meet some interesti...
What attracted you to escorting? What is it about it that you particularly like? I enjoy the thrill to meet a special kind of person, enjoy the thrill of tempta...

How nice of you to take a dive into the exciting and sensual world of Passion Luxus Escort.

You, the esteemed customer, are the center of attention, so forget about your everyday stress and enjoy moments of pure joy in the company of our charming escort ladies and travel companions . We provide only - the escorts and travel companions are not employed with us.

Are you looking for a travel companions or escort business companion for a inspiring evening somewhere far away? Or are you seeking the company of an escort lady and travel companions joining you on a wellness trip to some romantic destination?

On a regular basis our blog will soon start to introduce you to the most interesting hotels, restaurants and travel ideas. Obviously you won´t have to miss out on the more erotic sides to our services either! Take a look!

It is most vital to us that both you and the escort lady spend a joyful time together. Of course you will be the center of attention for the escort lady and travel companions; however, the true connoisseur is aware of the fact that a date has to be enjoyed by both parties equally.

Please take a look at all escort ladies and travel companions, find the one that best suits your interests and if any questions arise, we will gladly assist you. You need advice regarding your choice or you have already chosen one of the charming escort ladies / travel companions? Contact us :-)




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