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Please pay attention to the FAQs

Please note the new the new german prostitutes protection law as of 1.7.2017 - and your obligations as a customer.

  • What does Passion Luxus Escort stand for? Open or Close

    I, Alina, work for the listed ladies. I help the ladies with organisational tasks, advertising, discretion, communication, etc.

    Passion = passion, luxus = enjoying life, escort  = an escape from everyday life.

  • Alina, it`s you on the picture (Contact)? Can I book you for a date? Open or Close

    Yes, I am on the photo under Contact. :-)

    So that you also know with whom you write, telephone / organize an unforgettable meeting with one of the ladies. I work on behalf of the ladies and I own the agency. I love being an entrepreneur.

    No, dates with me are not possible. I live together with my husband and our three Maine-Coon cats and prefer to make sure that you and your dream lady have great dates!

  • Where can a meeting take place? Open or Close

    Very gladly the Escort Ladies meet you in a beautiful hotel of your choice. Whether luxury or cozy/romantic, there is no minimum (star) category, but the hotel should meet certain requirements / have a pleasant flair.

    A room telephone would also be important, since the discreet security check (short room call) for the lady takes place above it. If the hotel has no room telephone also another security check is possible, ask me than for this option please.

    Home visits (e.g. if you own a house with your name on the bell/fixed network for the safety call)/business apartment visits to the gentleman - are also possible, depending on the case. The ladies are not visitable, because they appreciate a certain discretion. We have no rooms - Only Outcall.

  • When should a meeting be arranged? Open or Close

    Since all ladies have to synchronize their escort appointments with their career or their studies, we kindly ask you to announce your desired dates as timely as possible.

    If you want to spend a nice time spontaneously, the ladies will of course try to make this possible, but it is not always realizable.
  • How long should a date be? Open or Close

    The ladies do not want to accept escort meetings under two hours - as this does not correspond to their understanding of escort.

    If the gentleman wishes an extension during an ongoing escort date, he will discuss the option directly with the escort lady concerned. The escort lady can fulfill this at her own discretion and then contact Passion Luxus Escort. The fee for the extension is to be paid in cash and on location directly to the escort lady.

  • First contact with Passion Luxus Escort & what particular do I need to give? Open or Close

    The first contact should be made via email. The agency telephone is not always busy, because we are a small personal agency.

    The lady herself confirms the date, or refuses it, we then pass this information on to you. We will never decide for the lady - always the lady herself decides whether the meeting suits her.

    Please do not send us short e-mails without introducing yourself, it is very important for the ladies to get a first impression of you. They instruct us to request certain information from you.

    But look at it positively, this shows - that the lady is not completely indifferent, from whom the order comes. We can assure you that your personal data will be treated with the strictest discretion! You must be of legal age to make a reservation/date!

  • What do I need to know about the lady's fee? Why are the fees different? Open or Close

    You will find the fees on the sedcards of the individual escort ladies. A gentleman does not discuss/negotiate with his desired escort lady about her attention/fees. Please give the lady an unsealed envelope with the sum in Euro/bar at the beginning of the meeting and do not put the lady in the unpleasant situation of having to ask you about it. You can, of course, transfer in advance if this is more convenient for you.

    If you travel further (e.g. Cologne to Berlin), minimum booking durations and down payments may be necessary (possible by bank transfer, cash deposit, etc.), we will be happy to inform you how the lady wishes.

    Why are the fees different? As an agency we have no influence on the fees. Please make sure that some of the ladies have different fees. The listed ladies are not employed by Passion Luxus Escort and are self-employed.

    Passion Luxus Escort has no authority over the escort lady. The fee is not a remuneration for a certain service or a certain service. You decide in agreement with the escort lady how you want to spend your time with them. You can extend the duration of the meeting with the ladies with their agreement. If the booking is extended, the ladies would like the fee to be paid to be handed over in cash before the extension begins.

  • Can I get to know the lady without making a binding booking? Open or Close
    If you wish an escort lady for a long date or travel companion - or/and you are unsure whether the chemistry is right for such a long period, there is the possibility to meet her for an Only Dinner or to arrange a shorter escort booking in advance. However, free escort meetings are not possible at the request of the ladies.
  • Can I rely on discretion? Open or Close

    You can be absolutely certain that your data will be handled confidentially. Discretion is vital for both you and the accompanying lady. So make sure to respect the lady´s privacy.

  • What is to be considered at the lady´s arrival? Open or Close

    In the hometown of the lady and her surroundings (we are happy to tell you which cities these are) no deposit is required. The short room check call is sufficient. Sometimes the lady can arrive by car (if available). Otherwise, the escort ladies will be happy to travel by train or plane for you if you want to meet the lady outside.

    We kindly ask you to inquire as early as possible, as in case of a long journey the lady would have to pay the travel expenses as well as 35% of the total amount. Of course, a complete advance payment is also possible. Your payment will be accepted by me on a fiduciary basis.

    The date is binding after receipt of the deposit. The lady will keep the appointment exclusively free for you. Of course you will be informed immediately about the receipt of payment. Of course we will be happy to book the tickets for the escort lady for you - with the appropriate advance payment, which we will accept in trust for the lady. Since appointments could be cancelled by the gentleman from time to time due to professional reasons, the ladies cannot make advance payments.

    Please ask for minimum booking durations for meetings and travel companions outside Europe. Thank you very much.

  • During the meeting I realize the chemistry between me and the lady is not right ... Open or Close

    If at the very beginning of a date you come to the conclusion that the chemistry between you and the lady is just not right you can most definitely call the date off – in a polite manner.

    Should this be in the lady´s hometown, no booking fees will be charged, but we do however generally ask you to reimburse the travel expenses for her. In case of a greater journey distance please contact us and we will find a solution together. Of course aborting a date is never pleasant for either side, but I urge you to never follow through with a date if it does not feel right. We expect the same from our ladies, for a disappointing meeting benefits neither you, nor the lady, nor the agency. Of course we all strive for the meeting to be as good as it can possibly be, but not everything is predictable.

  • And if I have to cancel the appointment at short notice? Open or Close

    We would like to ask you to keep to your booking as far as possible. Of course, it can happen from both sides that a firmly planned date cannot take place - be it because you become ill, professional changes, etc. - and we will make every effort to ensure that your booking is kept. - It would be polite if you could inform us as soon as possible, as the ladies deliberately block the time and cancel other requests.

    The earlier you inform us of a postponement or cancellation, the better it will be for the lady's planning. The lady and you will be happy to find a new desired date.

    For deposits / dates with travel / long bookings - please cancel at least 72 hours before the agreed date of the lady - we forward it to her, then your down payment will be credited to you by the lady and you have the opportunity to make up her date within the next 4 weeks. If this is not possible for you, we will unfortunately not be able to refund your deposit. Please have understanding for this regulation, since the Escort Models keep their time exclusively for you free and reject other inquiries / take themselves vacation etc.. and also I have already done certain organizational tasks / take time. Already purchased train tickets/flights, hotel bookings etc. can unfortunately not be cancelled by the ladies.

  • Alina, I know you work on behalf of the ladies - but you have already put so much effort into the orga/e-mails, now I had to cancel, can I please do something good for you? Open or Close
    So - as already written - it can always happen that you have to cancel....of course I usually took a lot of time and already fulfilled my part on behalf of the lady. If you were satisfied with my preliminary work and would like to make me happy, then I would be happy about an Amazon - or Douglas voucher - because I like to read very much and of course I like, like almost all women, good beauty products.
  • Why can't I be informed immediately if the lady has time...? Open or Close

    The ladies have asked me to do it for them. I never decide unasked whether the lady has time. The ladies decide with each inquiry anew and themselves whether they would like to accept the order. It may take a while until I/they have a confirmation from the lady. If you accept a booking request, a contract is concluded between you and the lady.

    Please keep in mind that the ladies only escort from time to time and cannot always look at their mobile phones (because of study/main occupations) We do not want to list intimidated ladies who feel under pressure to accept dates.

    However, a gentleman will certainly consider it positive if the ladies do not have this adventure as their main occupation and are not available daily and decide for themselves.
  • Taboos / Do - Dont`s / important remarks Open or Close
    • Drugs are off-limits! In case of excessive alcohol consumption/drugs/drug abuse, questions about unprotected traffic, the ladies will immediately break off a date. This does not correspond to the escort philosophy of the ladies.
    • If you have any questions about unprotected traffic, the ladies will break off a date immediately. This does not correspond to the escort philosophy of the ladies
    • PLE mediates the time of the ladies and no erotic services. How you and the escort lady want to arrange the date is entirely up to both of you. Your wishes will of course be forwarded 1:1 to the escort lady.
    • There is no contractual relationship between you and the agency due to your booking request and a possible mediation. The agency only acts as a mediator within the framework of a mediation contract with the escort ladies and receives a commission from them for their activities (advertising measures, operation of the website, telephone service, security services, etc.).
    • The service of the agency is free of charge for you.
    • The agency works on behalf of the lady.

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